Wonderful and terrifying.  Sweet and frustrating.  Welcome to motherhood.  Having a baby changed everything and no amount of advice from mom, friends, and in-laws could fully prepare anyone for just how drastically different life looks after baby arrives.  Know that you are not alone.  Central Ohio has a plethora of specialized services available to help new parents.

POEM – Central Ohio’s free peer-led support for moms of new babies.  Get help from other moms in your area.

Online Support

Resources for fathers and partners

Breastfeeding Support:     La Leche League       Columbus Birth & Parenting     Conscious Woman Webinars

Baby Sleep Consultants:    Moms on Call      Sleeplicity

Post Birth At-Home Doulas:      Columbus Birth & Parenting       Doula Matching

Parenting Consultants & Coaches:     Moms on Call       Our Parent Coach

Diaper Assistance    GroVia Gives

Traumatic Birth Resources